2014 High selling bull sold for $15,000 to Kansas Purebred breeder and repeat buyer.

We are the U.S. Source for Black Charolais breeding bulls.

2013 High selling bull sold for $7,500 to a Texas Commercial breeder and repeat buyer.

2014 High selling Red Factor bull sold for $7,500 to a Nebraska commercial breeder.

topping the KS bull test sale
A Laue bull topping the Kansas Bull Test Sale.

Charolais calves

When our Uncle Ed’s Black Angus cows had these Charolais calves in the early 1960s, it was revolutionary. But it worked then, and crossbreeding is still a key to profit in today’s cattle business.

U.S. source for Red Factor Charolais
We are the U.S source for Red Factor Charolais breeding bulls.

business end
The business end of one of our Red Factor bulls.


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"A tradition in Charolais quality"
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10 ~ A TRADITION IN CHAROLAIS QUALITY – This is much more than a slogan. Over the last four decades, commercial and purebred cattle breeders from 27 states, Canada, and Mexico have added Laue Charolais to their herds. They know that we are in this business to stay, that we have a good product, and that we will treat them with honesty and integrity.

9 ~ WE ARE IN THE SAME BUSINESS THAT YOU ARE – Providing seedstock for the commercial cattle industry is our primary business, and we take it seriously. You can put our years of experience with these cattle to work for you.

8 ~ GENETIC DIVERSITY – Different cowherds have different needs. Whether your concern is calving ease for heifers, total performance for mature cows, or maternal traits for keeping replacement heifers, we have a variety of bloodlines that excel in each of these areas. We can help you select a bull to work with your cowherd.

7 ~ OUR BULLS ARE CONDITIONED FOR BREEDING – The bulls are maintained in moderate condition and are not clipped, overconditioned, or pampered in any way. They are ready to breed, and they will not fall apart when they move from our bull pens to your pastures.

6 ~ CUSTOMER SATISFACTION – Here are just a couple of examples of comments from repeat customers in our bull pens: “Lester, your bulls have made me a lot of money over the years” (from a customer with us for 26 years); “My calves topped the market. The sale barn man said: don’t sell your bull!”

5 ~ PRIVATE TREATY AT YOUR CONVENIENCE – We market the majority of our bulls at private treaty. That lets you avoid the hassle and pressures of an auction, and eliminates the high-dollar competition with purebred breeders. Plus, we can sell you outstanding bulls at a more reasonable price, because we are not paying the overhead for an auction. You can buy with confidence in the product, the price, and your decision.

4 ~ YOUR LEADING SOURCE FOR RED AND BLACK FACTOR CHAROLAIS – We have developed a significant group of Red and Black Charolais animals. These cattle have all the traditional performance advantages you expect from purebred Charolais, with one added bonus – red or black hair color. A logical choice for cattlemen seeking to hold the color in their calves or to add color back into percentage Charolais cowherds.

3 ~ PROVEN PERFORMANCE – In head-to-head performance competition, Laue bulls have consistently come out on top. Since 1987, Laue bulls have been the high-gaining individuals or sire groups at the Kansas Bull Test nine times – a record unequalled in any breed.

2 ~ YOU WILL LIKE YOUR LAUE BULL MORE EVERY DAY THAT YOU OWN HIM – Highly conditioned bulls purchased in the adrenalin-charged atmosphere of an auction too often are a blueprint for disappointment. Range-ready performance bulls selected from our private treaty bull pens will make you happy when it counts – at sale time.


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