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Granada Black Beauty
Granada Black Beauty, born in 1993, was the first purebred Black Charolais female.

Miss Aberdeen
Miss Aberdeen, born in 1996, was the second purebred Black Charolais female.

Doctor Joe 500E
Doctor Joe 500E, born in 1995, was the first son of Black Beauty.

Eclipse, produced from the mating of Doctor Joe and Miss Aberdeen.

LCL Gus, a son of Eclipse out of LCL Chocolate Star 811. He is the first purebred Black Charolais bull born in the United States.

The Reliable Reds
The Reliable Reds – Our group at the 1996 Denver Stock Show, illustrating several shades of red. All are sired by Granadas Red Ace. Doctor Joe is at the left.

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"A tradition in Charolais quality"

The Red and Black Charolais breeding program at Laue Ranch has caught on in a big way. In the decade that has passed since our first acquisitions in 1994, we have developed the deepest herd of Red and Black cattle in the United States. Our “Reliable Reds” offer all the traditional advantages of the Charolais breed with an added bonus – the alternative of red hair coat color. Commercial breeders are finding Red bulls an attractive alternative to other breeds for putting color back into percentage Charolais cowherds or holding the color on black and red cowherds, all while maintaining or improving their performance. For purebred Charolais breeders, Red cattle provide the opportunity to offer alternatives to their customers without expanding into other breeds. Our Black cattle take this all one step further by offering the revolutionary option of black hair coat color on a Charolais animal. 

We invite you to view the Red and Black animals on our herdsire and cowherd pages. You can read about how they fit into the history of our herd on our history page. As you will see, the Reds and Blacks have become an integral part of our operation.

Perhaps you are reading this with disbelief, because you thought all Charolais cattle are white. Not so long ago, we shared that disbelief. As a matter of fact, however, Charolais cattle unquestionably possess the genetic material for colors other than white. And as with any genetic trait, it can be shaped by breeding and genetic selection. Who would have guessed that we could produce dark red and black animals just a generation or two away from white ancestors? But it has happened. For more information, click on our Q & A link below.

As of 2007, we have five purebred Black Charolais bulls in service – something we believe you will find nowhere else in the business. Even aside from their revolutionary color, they are outstanding individuals:

  • Eclipse 204H – A polled bull with a world of growth and muscle. He and the others here are featured on our herdsire page.
    EPDs: +3.7 +45 +85 -3 +20

  • LCL Gus 100L – A polled son of Eclipse, and out of the 811 cow featured on our cowherd page. He combines every major red and black influenced bloodline we have identified in the U.S. and Canada.
    EPDs: +4.8 +48 +85 +2 +26

  • LCL Male Carrier 250 – Another Eclipse son, with an interesting dam. Purchased as the high-selling first calf heifer at a dispersal, she was a light tan cow. Her pedigree is an outcross to just about every color bloodline – she traces entirely to 4T, Michaelis, and Litton, and carries an incredible 9 crosses to the legendary Sam 951. She also produced a Red herdsire for us by Unlimited YL13, who has left us a great set of daughters, including 811 mentioned above.
    EPDs: +1.5 +27 +52 +6 +20

  • LCL Coaltown – His dam produced four black calves from different sires, and he is sired by the popular Canadian 7/8 bull Coalmine. That makes him 15/16, thus he will sire purebred calves from purebred females. He has as much overall eye appeal as any Black Charolais bull calf we have seen.
    EPDs: +4.0 +20 +44 +3.2 +13

  • LCL Masterplan 514 - A polled son of LCL Gus. His second dam was a daughter of Mac 828, known for strong maternal traits. His adjusted weaning weight of 909 on grass stamps him as one to watch. First calves expected in 2007.
    EPDs: +3.4 +46 +79 +2.0 +21  

Laue Ranch is your American source for Red and Black Charolais commercial bulls, purebred breeding stock, semen, and embryos.

For a Q & A on Red Factor Charolais, click here.

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