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Lester Laue has always appreciated a good horse. In fact, when he returned from the Navy in the 1950’s he often rode his palomino mare “Cork” back and forth to town, long after automobiles were the favored mode of transportation. In the 1970’s, his interest in horses took on a new dimension with the acquisition of a few broodmares. As they followed the industry, the Laues developed a fascination with the horses being bred by legendary Colorado horseman Hank Wiescamp. The “Wiescamp” or “Skipper W” line of Quarter Horses were known for their refinement and confirmation, and accentuated by their distinctive heads with wide eyes, little “fox” ears, and pronounced jaws. Over the years, nine horses bearing the coveted “quarter circle eye” brand on their left jaw made their way from Alamosa, Colorado to Hanover, Kansas. Several of them have left an indelible mark on our breeding program.

 classic “Skipper W” head

A classic “Skipper W” head sporting the famed brand – This one on Skippa See Zar, a son of Skippa Tran (St. Bond X Skippa Account) out of Skippa Brady (Skippa Elm X Skips Blue).

  • Skippa Sage was a 1966 Buckskin Stallion by Skippa String and out of Sage Lassie by Skippers Lad. Typical of the Wiescamp horses of his era, he was of modest size and muscular in type, with a beautiful head and a kind disposition.

  • Summer Madness was a 1965 Sorrel Mare by Sir Bar and out of Summer Cash by Spot Cash. She had produced two major sons: Skip Sioux by Skips Reward, and Skips Retreat by Skippers King. She is noted at page 158 of the recently published book “The Hank Wiescamp Story,” by Frank Holmes. Her primary influence on our herd has been through Summerette, her daughter by Skippa Sage.

  • Elm's Dark Angel was a 1963 Bay Mare by Nick W and out of Donna Dexter by Buddy Dexter. A Grand Champion at halter (with 18 halter points) and a race winner (she earned Racing Register of Merit status). Her sons Fulla Nick, by Skippa Sage, and Impress Em Nick, by Impressive Action, were major influences for us.

People have always asked us how we were able to get such incredible foundation stock from Hank. Frankly, we don’t really know, but we are sure glad it happened.

Skippa Sage Skippa Sage – Our foundation stallion.
Elms Dark Angel Elm's Dark Angel – Halter champion, race winner, and one of the last producing daughters of Nick W.
Alamosa Memories Alamosa Memories – That’s Brant Laue with the legendary Skippers King in the summer of 1978.

With the passing of Hank Wiescamp, the “fountainhead” horses began to scatter in the late 1990s, and we acquired a stallion and a mare from Hank’s grandson Shane. At the Larry Weiscamp dispersal in 1999, we selected the high-selling Quarter Horse stallion. These horses, in combination with the foundation stock, make up the core of our horse operations today. Our current stallions include: 

  • Social Salon is a 1994 Sorrel by Social Command and out of Skippa Salon by Skippa Oak. Inbred three times to Skippa Lark in the third generation. Dam sold for $9,900 in the Larry Weiscamp Dispersal. He carries the Weiscamp brand.

  • Skippa Saratoga is a 2001 Sorrel by Skippa See Zar (Skippa Tran X Skippa Brady) and out of Summerette (Skippa Sage X Summer Madness). He descends entirely from the branded Wiescamp horses that we acquired over the last 30 years, and is a unique pedigree blend of the “modern” Wiescamp bloodlines with those from the prior generation. Click here to see a full pedigree.

Social Salon Our current stallion Social Salon.
Lester Laue selects Skippa See Zar Lester Laue selects Skippa See Zar at the Larry Wiescamp Dispersal in 1999.

Laue Ranch is a life member of the American Quarter Horse Association. We invite your inquiries regarding the availability of our ranch-raised weanlings and yearlings.

Three year old buckskin filly This good-looking three year old buckskin filly is triple bred to our foundation mare Elm's Dark Angel.
Weanling filly This weanling filly is from the first crop of Skippa Saratoga. Her dam is the branded Wiescamp mare So Spanish.

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